With a 30-year history, Park Dental is one of the original group dental practices in America. However, their purple and green colors had become dated, incorrectly suggesting their offices and practices were also behind the times.

Introducing a refined logo, color palette and brand standards, we got Park Dental back on track quickly. Based on research, the team focused on the beautiful office interiors, updated photos of over 100 doctors and implemented current design standards. The result was a fresh professional identity, capturing the essence of Park Dental.

“It’s hard finding a good dentist. When I look online, it tells me what to expect.”

Research Patient


market research

Not many people enjoy going to the dentist. So learning more about their concerns and expectations has always been important to the leadership at Park Dental. The key was to move beyond personal bias and anecdotal evidence to informed research.

Through patient/doctor interviews, focus group meetings and a close look at operational processes impacting patients, our team was equipped to provide valuable insight and recommendations to Park Dental.

Branding. Design. Content.
All impacted by sound research.

matching quality

We found a significant disconnect from Park Dental’s stunning offices and their online presence. A detailed audit was completed, highlighting key areas in need of improvement. Using this information, along with best practices, we partnered with over 20 doctors and several clinical staff to compile a detailed list of business requirements.

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content is king

Probably the greatest challenge of this engagement was to capture years of knowledge and patient care into meaningful content for current or potential patients.

1 Board of Directors dedicated to meaningful and accurate content, the board of directors at Park Dental committed to spending dozens of hours over several weeks collaborating and reviewing content.

Board of Directors

9 Doctors partnering with our strategy and content experts worked together as we crafted language to inform and educate their patients on a variety of topics including first time visit, locations, doctor on staff, services offered and important insurance information.


40 Pages The result was a well researched and reviewed 40 page content document supporting the information architecture finalized in the creative and strategy stage. Today, patients can easily find a doctor or location, learn about recommended procedures and request an appointment.


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